Caviar Mask Revitalizing Mask 100gm

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Revitalizing Mask

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    Due to its content in Caviar lipid extracts, this cream has great revitalizing power. Favorable for cellular proliferation of the skin, worn out and damaged by negative effects of external aggression. It assures skin regeneration making the skin look healthy, smooth and hydrated. The high content of vitamin C present in the mango extracts stimulates anti- wrinkle action and anti-free radical action. The vegetable flakes are an excellent cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants that fights against all signs of premature aging.

  • Direction To Use
    • Apply on the skin and leave for 15-20 min than wash off  with Acqua Termale Water preferably or plain water.
    • Revitalizing mask suitable for all skin types to regenerate and hydrate the skin.
  • Ingredients

    Caviar Extracts 
    High nourishing and regenerative capacity 

    Actinidia Chinensis
    Kiwi Extracts 
    Anti-free radicles 

    Fragaria Vesca
    Strawberry Extracts 
    Moisturizing, astringent and decongestive 

    Mangifera Indica 

    Mango Extracts 
    Anti-free radicles and anti-wrinkles

    Daucus Carota 
    Carrot Extracts
    Antioxidant, Cutaneous regenerator

    Cucumis Sativus 
    Cucumber extracts
    Revitalizing, anti-free radicles, calming, moisturizing 
    Decongestant and astringent 

    Pimpinella Anisum 
    Anise Fruit Extracts 
    Contains essential oils. Anti-Inflammatory

    Tocopheryl Acetate 
    Vitamin E
    Antioxidant. Anti-Free radicals 

    Yeast Extracts 
    Improves cellular nourishment 

    Panax Ginseng 
    Ginseng Extracts 
    Reaffirming and ant wrinkle properties 

    Triticum Vulgare 
    Wheat Extracts 
    Tensor, Rich in the vitamin and trace elements 

    White clay. Absorbs Toxins 

    Sorbitol Sugar
    Helps in retaining water

    Pro Vitamin B5
    Repairing and moisturizing cation 

    Skin Regenerator. Anti-irritant

    Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
    Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant

    Provides elasticity and flexibility 

    Citrus Aurantium Dalcis Flower Oil
    Sweet Orange flower Oil
     Contacts the skin, produces a sense of wellbeing on the skin

    Titanium Dioxide 
    Reduces transparency/ translucency of cosmetics, reflects UV Rays

    Brassica Oleracea Capitata Extracts 
    Skin Conditioning

    Nasturtium Officinale Extracts 
    Watercress Extracts 
    Skin Conditioning

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