Marine Actif Concentrated Reducer 6pcs x 10ml

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Biologic Concentrated Anti Cellular Reducer  

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    Special Tropical treatment to reduce cellulite and obesity, It contains extra strong concentration of active ingredients, integrated in liposomes that act with the highest intensity and assures rapid results  

  • Direction To Use
    • Use small doses, gently massage in specific areas. Cover with plastic and be active at least for a minimum 30 minutes.
    • Special topical treatment to reduce cellulite and obesity.
  • Ingredients

    Fucus Vesiculosus 
    Bladder wrack Extracts 
    Eliminates the localized liquids 

    Citrus Limon 
    Lemon Extracts
    Prevents from disorders on the cutaneous lipid composition 

    Ruscus Aculeatus
    Butcher Broom Extract
    Diuretics and anti-varicose 

    Paullinia Cupana
    Guarana Extracts 
    Metabolism activator

    Hedera Helix 
    Ivy extracts 
    Tonic, decongestant, antiedematous

    Potassium iodide 
    Marine origin. Activate the lipid catabolism 
    Activates the metabolism 

    Comes from the chelidonium majus plant. Its pharmacology effects are the central stimulation and dieresis, actions that mobilize and reduce the lipid deposits

    L- Carnitine 
    Powerful Fat Burner 

    Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, potassium chloride 
    Marine Trace Elements  
    It gives the correct nutrition and hydration to the skin 

    Regenerator tonic

    Circulation activator

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