Purissimo Hyaluronic Acid 50 ml

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Pure Hyaluronic Acid 93%

Concentrated Serum

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    Purissimo is the most innovative Hyaluronic Acid product mainly because of the method of its procurement. Hyaluronic Acid’s low molecular weight, allows it to penetrate deep inside either manually or with electroporation devices.

    This polysaccharide is naturally present in the intercellular matrix of the skin offering support, flexibility and elasticity. It can replace the collagen in areas where it has degenerated. Its main function is to retain the water in the cells thereby increasing the skin hydration giving it volume. With its continued application, the skin improves the internal /hydration and attenuates wrinkles visibly because of the molecules of the Hyaluronic acid trap water pushing the wrinkles from inside out. True to the legacy of Alissi Brontë, the benefits are immediately visible and continue to increase with daily use. Hyaluronic acid is special for aparatology.  

  • Direction To Use
    • Apply twice a day on the face with a gentle massage until the product absorbs into the skin, use before daily cream.
    • This Moisturizer contains concentrated pure hyaluronic acid to fill wrinkles from the inside.
  • Ingredients

    It contains two different Hyaluronic Acids weights at 50% 
    Hyaluronic Acids of High Molecular Weight: 1,3 -1, 8 MDa
    Hyaluronic Acids of High Molecular Weight: 0,01-0,15 MDa


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