One Step Cleanser & Tonic 400ml

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Cleanser that removes makeup tones and detoxifies the skin.

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    A unique product with unique steps to clear the skin in one go. Toning and neutralizing the damaging effects of the environmental pollution. The reason lies in the formula that mixes an innovative blend of a cleanser, detoxifier and revitalizer. It has an exceptional beautifying action that has the capacity to remove intensive makeup. The ultrafine oils in OneStep spread evenly reaching every contour and removing impurities clearing the skin. It removes particles that stick to the skin. Distilled orange extracts provide nutrition and give the skin a fresh, toned and revitalized look.

  • Direction To Use
    • Soak a cotton pad and dab gently face and neck line
    •  Repeat with new cotton pad and gently wipe till the skin is clean.
    • Cleanser and make up remover that neutralises the damaging effects of environmental pollution
  • Ingredients

    Colloidal Gold
    Lifting and oxygenating effect 
    Yeast Extracts
    Tissue regeneration effect
    Green Tea Extracts 
    Powerful Anti-oxidant
    Barley Extracts
    Clarifier, Vitamin K
    Pro-Vitamin B5
    Skin Protector
    Wheat Germ Extracts
    Anti-Inflammatory. Treats Bags under the eye
    Hyaluronic Acid 
    Anti-Inflammatory. Treats Bags under the eye
    Nutritive proteins 
    Improves Micro circulation 
    Essential Amino Acids
    Regeneration and Tissue Repair
    Vegetal Glycerin 
    Moisturizing properties, avoids skin drying
    Damask Rode Flower Oil
    Skin Conditioning
    Reduces transparency and or translucency of cosmetics.


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