Hidroxy 38 Renovating Peeling 10 pcs x 2ml

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Alpha & Beta Hydroxide

Peeling ampoule

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    Excellent combination of Alpha & Beta Hydroxy acids that helps to whiten the skin, facilitating and accelerating cellular renovation.  They stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin that makes the skin look stronger and younger. It contains a smoothing emollient and protector agent that hydrates and regenerates the skin allowing the decrease of the possible irritation-taking place by the acid and avoiding the desiccation and balancing of the cutaneous hydro-lipid film. It contains 33.78 of Alpha Hydroxy acids and 4% of blocked Beta Hydroxy acids avoiding any kind of activation of the acid power when removing the product with water and any other kind of watery products.

  • Direction To Use


    Clean the skin, apply thin layer of product with brush of cotton pad and leave to act. Then remove with water.

    Duration of application

    White and sensitive skin 5 minutes

    White and thick skin 7 minutes

    Tanned skin 10 minutes

    Clean the skin, apply thin layer of Hifroxy-38 onto the desired area with a brush or a cotton pad, and leave it for the indicated time. Rinse out with water.

    Note the duration of exposure may not just vary on skin type but also on other factors. For example, the skin exposed to sun or a skin that has received aggressive treatment against acne or laser treatment becomes more sensitive, irritated and less tolerant towards peeling. On the other hand if someone has white skin and has used acid based products before, it will tolerate peeling better than other skin that has never been treated with acid even though it maybe browner.

    If the skin experiences irritation or redness then rinse the product off face with lots of water, even if the time of exposure was as suggested. Sometimes this treatment leaves the skin a little red but that is natural especially during depigmentation treatment.


  • Ingredients

    Lactic Acid
    Repairing Stimulates collagen and elastin formation

    Glycolic Acid
    AHA, reduces cornea stratum thickness and stimulates collagen and elastin formation

    Citric Acid 
    AHA, depigmenting, antioxidant, exfoliate

    Salicylic acid
    Helps in the natural exfoliation of the skin

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