Scrub Vitamin C + C Micro-granulated Peeling with Vitamin C 210ml

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Micro Granulated citrus exfoliate

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    Scrub Vitamin C+C Micro Granulated citrus exfoliate that eliminates dead cells that gives a gleam and brightness to the skin. The exclusive formula contains natural botanical and mineral exfoliation. It assures a deep cleansing of the skin offering luminosity and uniformity to the skin and minimizing skin pores.  

  • Direction To Use
    • After cleansing with One-Step, apply using circular massage with the fingertips, than remove with thermal water or normal water.
    • Apply Purissimo for best results.
  • Ingredients

    Citrus Aurranitum Dulcis 
    Orange Extracts 
    Multivitamin, antioxidant that detoxifies to rejuvenate the skin 

    Citrus Aurantium Dulcis
    Orange Extracts 
    Antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bactericide, nervous sedative, fungicide, hypotonic, stimulant lymphatic and tonic

    Bambusa Vulgaris 
    Bamboo Extracts 
    The bamboo leafs contains ‘flavus’ which has antioxidants properties. Its antioxidant properties work through a naturalization mechanism inhibiting radical reaction. These radical reactions are the main causes of aging. 

    Rosa Moschata Seed Oil
    It has 80% poliinsaturada fatty acids. These acids are indispensable for the cellular membrane regeneration and for the tissue skin renovation. It helps to dim and prevent premature aging of the skin 

    Microsilica restructuring
    It works as a double ‘bond agent’ providing strength and elasticity from collagen and flexibility in areolar tissues. 
    Vegetarian Glycerin 
    Moisturizing properties, avoids the skin from dying 

    UREA (Carbamide)
    Promotes healing, increases water content in the skin and helps in keeping the skin soft.  

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