D'Luxe DNA Wrinkle Look Reduced 8pcs x 5ml

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Marine DNA, Caviar & collagen shield Ampoule

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    The biological extracts contain among its active ingredients

    Marine DNA that has the following properties

    High quality moisturizer (Ability to absorb 10,000 times its volume of water)

    Anti-Oxidant properties

    Regenerating and healing properties (It regenerates the damaged skin, scars acne marks)

    Protection against solar rays (Photo Aging)

    Stimulates the collagen production by our body

    Protection against harmful and toxic agents from the atmosphere

    Caviar contains proteins; fats sugar vitamins and mineral salts

    Wheat Proteins have tensile and filmogenic properties. The skin becomes more radiant, it is an excellent component to combat the flaccidity of the skin

    Young native collagen is an efficient moisturizing agent with a high firming effect contributing to cell elastic properties with flexibility identical to the natural young protein.

    Glycoprotein (glycosaminoglycans) Diminishes cutaneous ruggedness increasing hydration of the skin and restores elastic characteristics of the dermal tissues. 

  • Direction To Use
    • Apply half of ampoule once a week.
    • Exclusive formula with Marine DNA, Caviar and Collagen. Powerful antioxidant, moisturizing, regenerating, healing effect.
    •  Recommended for skin with scars.
  • Ingredients

    Sodium DNA 
    Marina DNA 
    High moisturizing power, antioxidant and regenerator

    Caviar Extracts 
    High nourishing and regenerating power 
    Triticum Vulgare
    Wheat Protein 
    Tensor, Rich in vitamin and trace elements 

    Soluble Collagen 
    Efficient moisturizing. Anti-aging

    Provides elasticity and flexibility 

    Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans
    Moisturizes the tone of the skin. Repairs the skin surface 

    Anti-inflammatory and cutaneous anti-infectious 

    Vegetal Glycerin
    Moisturizing properties, avoids skin from drying

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